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Repeal Sequestration

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Repeal Sequestration

Our elected officials must repeal sequestration, and develop a balanced, bi-partisan solution to our nation’s debt and deficit problem. As we are doing our part to help provide input to our elected officials we ask that they do theirs by working together to solve these pressing national issues. Urge your elected officials to take action by asking them to get to work and strengthen America’s economic crown jewel. 

If we don’t, cuts to defense programs will strip billions from national security and put at risk well over a million American jobs over the next few years including hundreds of thousands of small business jobs.

  • Force sizes of the Army, Navy and Air Force will shrink to historic lows
  • Defense research and modernization grinds to a halt
  • Training and troop readiness will be “severely reduced
  • Travelers can expect significant delays while going through airports
  • NextGen improvements to the nation’s air transportation system will be delayed
  • The Space Shuttle replacement program will be stalled
    U.S. at risk of extended delays in polar-orbiting weather satellite coverage beginning in 2017

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