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Support Space Exploration and NASA

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Support Space Exploration and NASA

NASA and the space program have been key drivers behind many of mankind’s 20th century achievements propelling civilization to new technological heights. It has also been a key motivator for many young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

However, as the White House and Congress work to reduce the federal budget deficit essential investments in NASA have already been the target for budget cuts and more cuts may follow. Though what many do not consider are that cuts to NASA reverberate further than some may realize. Due to research and development contributions from NASA, to not only understand earth and space but also to advance medical research and life support systems, nanotechnology, communications, and more, society will not see that next crucial scientific breakthrough for years.

To continue to drive the innovation necessary to support future space explorations missions it is essential that NASA receive adequate funding. Support a budget for NASA that will make future exploration missions possible and write your elected officials today.

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